As Engineering consultants, we´ve had ample experience.  In fact, we´re experts when it comes to structural engineering, seismic hazard assessments and earthquake engineering.  We can also help you with projects in Structural Dynamics and Geotechnical Engineering and Underground Works

Just ask us, we´d love the opportunity to work with you.

Structural Engineering

Geotechnical and Underground Works

Earthquake Engineering and Seismic Hazard Assessment

Structural Dynamics

We can help you differentiate yourself from the competition


 Unlike other consultancies, we offer creative solutions tailor-made to you and your project. We use state-of-the-art software and technology on all our projects, however simple or difficult they may be.

6 Reasons to Choose Dynamis



We have extensive international experience across various sectors

Just take a look at our projects and you´ll see that we have a great track record- we´ve worked on some of the most interesting and complex projects in a variety of industries, from structures and buildings to the industry and energy sectors.

We offer innovative and optimal solutions

We provide solutions using innovative technology and cutting-edge techniques. We have a broad vision of the various fields of engineering, which allows us to deliver the most optimal solutions to some of the most complex problems you may encounter.


We are passionate about what we do

We´re a young and dynamic team, and we pour all of our energy and passion into every project we undertake.  We are reactive and flexible, capable of adapting to your needs.

We´re an international consultancy

Working on international projects puts us at an advantage- our vision is broader, our experience wider, and that just makes us better.


We´re a dynamic team

Once you work with Dynamis, you’ll realize you’re working with an energetic and productive team. We know that things constantly change, and we react quickly and accordingly.  We work hard and we push ourselves because at the end of the day, your opinion and your satisfaction is what matters most to us.

We apply the Dynamis Method

With every project we take on,  we apply our method- we listen to your needs and we make it our goal to bring you added value, allowing you to maximize your benefit and your time.

Find out more about the projects we´ve worked on

We´ve worked on international projects and analyses of liquefaction, vibrations, thermal calculations, and seismic hazard assessments, in areas with some of the highest seismic activity on the planet, and we´ve taken on other major projects such as nuclear power plants and storage tanks.

We can also help you with the design of complex structures such as skyscrapers or other facilities. When it comes to buildings, we have experience with both renovation of older buildings as well as new construction.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at our projects and find out more about what we do.


Structural Engineering

Dynamis thrives on challenges.  Combining creative innovation and efficient optimization, we have worked on some of the most complex structures encompassing various industries throughout countries all around the world.  We strive to differentiate ourselves from the rest by concentrating on delivering high-performance design in our range of structural engineering services

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Earthquake Engineering and  Seismic Hazard Analyses

Earthquake Engineering

At its core, Dynamis was founded with its base in Earthquake Engineering.  We are experts in delivering performance-based design, creating optimal solutions that positively impact the structure´s operations and reduce lifecycle costs.  With our host of in-house tools, advanced software technologies and high-tech approaches such as Soil Structure Interaction, we strive to continuously adapt and innovate to fit our clients´ needs.

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Seismic Hazard Analyses

Seismic hazard analyses are key components for evaluating site selection and safe design. Within Dynamis´ range of services, we also have vast experience performing seismic hazard analyses in the most earthquake-prone areas in the world such as Chile, Mexico and the Philippines.   Our studies help clients adjust seismic inputs to their projects, leading to enhanced designs and cost-effective solutions. We implement deterministic and probabilistic approaches (DSHA and PSHA) as well as site-response analyses, and we have developed our own cutting-edge software to perform liquefaction assessments.

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Structural Dynamics

Dynamis provides solutions to prevent dynamic issues not only at the design phase but also to solve vibration problems in existing structures. Since we often deal with complex effects such as fluid structure interaction, we have gained extensive experience designing a significant number of dampers (tuned mass damperstuned liquid dampers, etc.) to avoid vortex shedding phenomena.  Our expertise also covers train-induced vibrationshuman-induced vibrations, and terrorist explosions and aircraft crashes in strategic structures

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Geotechnical Engineering and Underground Works

Underground or ground-related infrastructure are key components in nearly all civil engineering projects, and so the Dynamis team also has a solid experience in underground engineering such as specialized foundationstunnel excavation and ground stabilization. We are experts in designing underground infrastructure, as well as providing solutions for any ground-related infrastructure complexities, including soil improvement.

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Our clients’ opinion is what matters most to us



    The work carried out by Dynamis shows the constant training of the various professionals involved in an area that´s very complex and still developing (Earthquake Engineering), as well as their deep knowledge and understanding of their work. This is something I truly appreciate, especially in today´s world, where in my sector, the ¨know how¨ tends to be obsolete.

    Ignacio Bernad Manuel Director, Technology and Engineering Department

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