Avida Tower

Avida Tower
Seismic Design

Avida Tower

 Seismic Design


Makati Development Corp.


Iloilo, Philippines

The development of construction in the Philippines is on the rise and goes hand in hand with the evolution of structural engineering, structural dynamics and earthquake engineering. Investors and developers involved in the projects are aware that high-performance design is essential for the construction to be viable, safe and efficient.

A clear example of the investment in engineering is the Avida Tower residential complex. It is composed of 4 buildings which are tall and slender, and 9 mid-rise buildings. The total surface of this residential complex is 54 650 m2.

The objective of our mission was to minimize the seismic loads to optimize the foundation system as well as to design the most appropriate structural solutions. Dynamis has engineered high-performance design and provided an optimal solution by improving functionality and reducing the life-cycle costs of the structure. This was made possible due to the development of our own tools and the use of advanced software.

DYNAMIS conducted a soil-structure interaction (SSI) analysis calculating the dynamic impedance functions of the deep foundation system (piles foundation consisting of 575 piles, 50 meters deep). The effects of the soil-structure interaction are considered in accordance with the requirements of the local code NSCP 2010, and validated by an independent peer reviewer such as ARUP.

The dynamic calculations carried out using finite element models achieve more realistic results since the analysis takes into account important effects such as the deformation of soil and the variation of the fundamental frequency of the building caused by soil-structure interaction.

The purpose of our mission was  to reduce seismic loads and to optimize the foundations and the structure. As experts in Earthquake Engineering we have developped performance based design and have provided optimal solutions that improve functionality and reduce costs in the cycle of life of the structure. This has been possible due to our in-house developped calculation tools and advanced software.

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