Inter Ikea Center

Inter Ikea Center
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Inter IKEA Center

 Detailed Design


Oger International


Bayonne, France

Detailed Design

The combination of modernity and comfort is the emblem of the new shopping center that IKEA has just opened in the region of Bayonne in Southeast France. The complex consists of a supermarket, more than 80 shops and a restaurant area, all of them grouped in more than 70,000 square meters.

DYNAMIS ASSOCIATES has worked with OGER INTERNACIONAL as the designer and project manager for this project.  Due to its complexity, BIM tools have been used for the integral management of the project. The numerical model that was built consolidates and simplifies the work to the different participants of the project. In addition, it finely defines the projected areas (GLA, SHON …) thus ensuring a good commercialization.

Thermal Calculations and Design of pile foundations in Liquefiable soils

As part of our mission, we have carried out Value Engineering studies to optimize the cost of the project, ensuring the quality and good functionality of the project. These studies were mainly based on the optimization of the superstructure and the foundation system through seismic calculations that contemplate the effects of soil-structure interaction.

The project is located in seismic zone III (classification according to Eurocode 8), and is characterized mainly by a foundation system of unusual magnitude for these types of projects (587 piles 1.2 meters in diameter and 58 meters deep). This is due to the presence of very poor soil in the first 50 meters of depth.

The seismic design of the structure and its foundation system takes the effects of soil-structure interaction into account. The energy dissipation in the soil has allowed to adjust the size of the structural elements and the seismic joints while ensuring maximum safety. This type of calculation, which is generally used in the field of nuclear engineering, is quite unusual in this type of project. It requires deep knowledge in geodynamics and the use of very specific software.

The optimization has saved 15% of the total cost of the structure and its foundation. The number of piles has been reduced to 455.

This project is a clear example that confirms our experience in the field of seismic engineering. The Bureau of Control assigned to this project was Bureau Veritas.

The shopping center opened its doors in 2016.

The optimization performed saved 15% of the total cost of the structure including foundations. The number of piles was reduced to 455 piles. This project is an exemple of our vaste experience in Seismic Engineering. The technical controler of the project was “Bureau Veritas”.

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