Madrid Tower

Madrid Tower
Structural rehabilitation

Madrid Tower

 Structural Rehabilitation


BOD – Metrovacesa


Madrid, Spain

The highest concrete building in the world until 1967

Tower of Madrid is a skyscraper in the well-known Plaza de España in Madrid. It has a height of 142 meters and was built between 1954 and 1960. It currently ranks as the sixth tallest building in Madrid. It was considered the highest concrete building in the world until 1967, the year that the Zuidetoren tower was completed in Brussels, Belgium. This building was designed by the Otamendi brothers for the Metropolitan Real Estate Company, after having planned the Torre de España.

Today the tower hosts luxury residential apartments, offices and a hotel. Dynamis Associates participated in the project carried out by METROVACESA, which consists of the rehabilitation and refurbishment of the lower levels up to the 9th floor, converting it into a space for a 4-star hotel. It will be the fourth hotel in the Barceló chain in Madrid. This renovation covers an area of ​​22,000 square meters consisting of 246 rooms, and other facilities such as catering, meeting rooms, a spa and other common spaces.

DYNAMIS mission

The mission of DYNAMIS was to define the reinforcements of the columns due to the change of code and geometry to which the building has been subjected, since originally the building was intended for residential and office use.

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