Quality policy

DYNAMIS INGENIEROS CONSULTORES SL, at its facilities at Avenida de Manoteras 38 in Madrid, manifests and undertakes to develop its services of design, consultancy and research in the area of ​​applied mechanics (structural behavior, behavior of soils and rocks, Fluid dynamics, mechanical engineering, large deformation problems).

To that end, the Senior Management of DYNAMIS INGENIEROS CONSULTORES SL provides its services by ensuring transparency in both the application of standards and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, as well as in the monitoring, measurement and evaluation of services; In the same way it promotes a quality culture among staff and suppliers, impelling continuous improvement for customer satisfaction.

It is the intention of this Directorate, the following requirements:

  • Good communication with customers at a technical and contractual level,
  • Punctuality,
  • The accuracy and relevance of the studies, the advice and the diagnoses provided to the clients.

For all this it is required:

  • Good knowledge of the problem posed by the client,
  • The adaptation of the methods used to solve the problem of the client,
  • The correct application of the methods using the most appropriate and properly validated program,
  • The competence of the engineers who employ such methodologies and programs,
  • The assistance and follow-up of the project engineers by project managers or experienced experts,
  • The quality of the communication that is written in the reports.

To this end, the Senior Management establishes, documents, implements and maintains a Quality Management System and continuously improves its efficiency in accordance with the requirements of the Standard UNE EN ISO 9001

Likewise, Management agrees to periodically review this policy for its updating.

Compliance with the principles established in this policy is possible thanks to the involvement of all the staff of our company

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