Soil-Structure Interaction Seminar in Paris

Last May, Carlos Carames, a founding partner of Dynamis Consultants Engineers, conducted the Soil Structure Interaction seminar organized by Oger Institut in Paris every year. The objective of this seminar is to expose to professionals with experience in the field of earthquake engineering the basic notions of the phenomenon of soil-structure interaction, and for them to acquire the basic knowledge to consider or evaluate the influence of soil-structure interaction in the design of structures resistant to dynamic loads (rotary machines, seismic loads, etc). The course is geared towards project managers and department directors with average professional experience of at least 5 years, who have previously performed structural dynamics calculations such as modal-spectral analyses, linear temporal transients, and so on.

The topics covered were as follows:

1) Basics

  • General theory of wave propagation
  • Seismic response of a soil deposit (1D and 3D cases)
  • Vibrations in foundations of rotary machinery
  • Definition of the impedance functions
  • Determination of foundation impedances
  • Application examples

2 ) Example of the effects of soil-structure interaction

  • Inertial effects
  • Kinematic compatibility (coherent versus incoherent motion)

3 )Formulation of equations

  • Basic equations
  • Inertial interaction
  • Kinematic interaction

4 ) Methods of calculation

  • Global or Direct Method (Finite Elements / Finite Differences)
  • Methods of sub-structuring (Volume method)
  • Hybrid methods
  • Comparisons of different methods

5) Performing SSI Calculations

  • Soil behavior model
  • Nature and direction of incident waves
  • Modeling the problem
  • Numerical Integration Scheme

6)Experience gained and examples of implementation

The teaching team consists of:

  • Carlos Carames – founding partner and technical director, Dynamis Consultants Engineers
  • Issam Charara – technical director, OGER International

Pre- Requirements: Dynamic calculation (spectral modal analysis, transient calculations), General principles of seismic engineering

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